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Working with us was a very personal situation.
Worried about leaving your entire name in a review? 
We’ve done the homework for you below. 
You don’t even need to currently have a Google account. 


Post without revealing all personal identifiers. 
By simplifying your name on your Google account is can be a less identity revealing method to leave reviews.  

  1. When prompted to Sign In on Google, click “Create Account”
  2. Note that how you enter your name is how it will show on the Google Review
  3. Either create a new username or click “Use my current email address instead” and enter your current email address
  4. Enter and Confirm a password

While anonymous reviews are not allowed on Google, simplifying or shortening your first or last name is a way to not disclose all of your personal information.  You can of course change your account back to your full name at any time. 


To post an “anonymous” Google review:

  1. Visit your Google account, and then click on the option “Manage your Google Account”
  2. From there, click on “Personal Info”, and then you will see a page with your first and last name
  3. You can either remove your last name, change the first or last name to an initial, or even change your name to “Anonymous”
  4. Don’t forget to change your name back, if you like, when you are finished posting the review

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