Foreclosure Defense

Defending a foreclosure is not simple nor does every attorney have the background or experience that you may think. Law is just like going to the doctor, there are general attorneys and attorneys that focus on only a select few areas of the law.

Distressed Property Solutions Network (DPS Network) never charges you!  $0.00 to create a plan of action that is suited to your situation and goals. By speaking with DPS Network, you have access to free, informed and independent opinions and strategies.  One place, One team, One mission; Educating distressed property owners.

It just makes sense, you are faced with two options, A or B, “B” gives you control of the process and puts you in a position of power by giving you knowledge.

  • On Your Own

    Consult with one professional at a time, dealing with each individual piece of your financial health, it forces YOU to pull all that info together and you are on your own to create a plan for your financial health.

  • Network of Specialists

    Consult with a Network of professionals all at once, having THE SPECIALISTS cooperate and coordinate with you to create a plan that benefits you, not their pockets.

Get the DPS Network of Professionals working as your Team

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There are many alternatives and strategies, knowing how to combine them, if necessary, is key:

  • Don't Pay for Advice

    Don’t pay to get independent and informed advice

  • Stay or Walk Away

    Stay or Walk Away – what are the options and how do they work

  • Strategy To Buy Time

    Create a strategy that will enable you to ‘buy time’ while you get back on your feet financially

  • One Place

    ONE place & ONE appointment will give you knowledge on several different options & consequences.