About Us


DPS Network of Legal Services is a group of professionals that came together to become the voice of consumers with properties in distress. Stay, throw your hands up, forbearance plans, workout options, sell, bankruptcy, and scams, it’s enough to make even the most educated person want to scream! By the time someone is looking for direction regarding their home or investment property, generally, more than one issue is in question. It is confusing, frustrating, and challenging to determine who to trust or believe. Almost every partner in the network has been in your shoes.

We have proven that rarely one solution is the only solution to a compromised real estate situation. For almost two decades we have sought out every type of professional from attorneys in real estate, foreclosure prevention, bankruptcy, tax advisors, realtors, mortgage originators, credit repair specialists, and the list goes on who would put their egos aside. Not insisting that “one way was the only way” and by combining strategies DPS Network partners have produced results far exceeding the results of single-solution thinking.

Our Vision

Our number one goal is to listen to you and help you understand each and every option that may be out there to help you achieve the final goals that you want. We have developed a unique and simplified Client Matching System that allows us to do a FREE consultation to evaluate your entire situation. We have no financial reason to point you in any particular direction or professional. Too often we have found that when a distressed consumer talks to a “professional”, the consumer is pointed in the direction of using their services. Let’s face it, that’s how they get paid. We will help you create an individualized strategy only after we know the entire situation and your specific goals for the situation.


We have created a place where you can come for FREE, Independent, and Informed Advice:

We know what it feels like to be in mortgage distress. You need somewhere to start. You need a person to talk to, someone who will listen to you, someone who will take the time to understand your particular needs & goals. Someone who understands the housing industry and who can direct you to skilled Professionals who can help protect your home and get you back to your life.

Our job is to match you with the professional or team of professionals who are best suited to those needs.

  • Independent and Informed Advice

    You don’t have to pay someone to get independent and informed advice.

  • Know Your Options

    You can figure out if it makes sense to stay in your home or ‘walk away.’

  • One Place

    You can go to one place to learn about all of the different strategies and combination of strategies that can help.

  • Solutions That Put You In Control

    You can hear about solutions that put you in control of the process, and give you the time you need to act calmly.

  • Strategy to ''Buy Time''

    You can create a strategy that will enable you to ‘buy time’ while you get back on your feet financially.

  • Don't Feel ''Sold''

    You don’t have to feel “sold” by someone who is trying to convince you that their way is the “only” way.