“I Have No Idea What I’m Doing or Who to Believe”

Sound familiar?

Your overwhelmed, heard conflicting advice, and think there’s no hope. You’ve tried working with the lenders, researched for hours online, consulted attorneys, realtors, credit counselors, family, and others. 

What if instead………..

In exhaustion you, schedule a free strategy session with DPS Network of Legal Services. And in that first call, just as you can assemble a team of diverse medical experts to address a life-threatening illness, you can assemble an entire network of professionals from all areas of financial recovery.

Our Mission is to guide you from uncertainty and the overwhelming “Now what?” – to an educated and empowered “We CAN recover! Why didn’t we know all these options earlier?”

Want to see how?

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What We Do

We have created a place where you can come for FREE, Independent and Informed Advice:

We know what it feels like to be in mortgage distress. You need somewhere to start. You need a person to talk to, someone who will listen to you, someone who will take the time to understand your particular needs & goals. Someone who understands the housing industry, someone who can direct you to the skilled Professionals who can help protect your home and get you back to your life.

Our job is to match you with the professional or team of professionals who are best suited to those needs.

  • Independent and Informed Advice
  • Know Your Options
  • One Place
  • Solutions That Put You In Control
  • Strategy to “Buy Time“
  • Don’t Feel “Sold“

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One Place. One Mission. One Team


What People Say


Dear Ms. Stacey and team, My family and I just want to thank you for helping us through one of the most difficult times in our lives. When we came to you, we had no idea where to turn, what our options were, or even where to begin. You and your staff took the time to make the entire process clear, and to give us the information we needed to make the choices we needed to make to move ahead confidently (for the first time in ages) and know what to expect at all times. I am so glad we found you and that you were there to help us. With the solutions you proposed, and the results we obtained so far, we are at last indeed resting easier and now feel like we are back in control of our finances and our lives. Thank you so very much for your professionalism, knowledge and most of all, for caring.

The Divon Family, Lake Forest, Illinois

For over 25 years and I’ve been a licensed real estate broker. In that time I’ve dealt with quite a few foreclosures. Until I met the team at Distressed Property Solutions Network, I thought that when a bank commences foreclosure, it gets its way. In times past, this may have been true, but not now. Their team has turned the table on lenders, and appropriately so. They are so knowledgeable and innovative in their approaches that they have gotten the attention of two of my long-time attorney friends, who are fascinated by the solid and innovative suggestions and their effectiveness. I would encourage anyone facing foreclosure to contact The Distressed Property Solutions Network Team for assistance. They are for real. They have helped me beyond all expectations. I would classify them as a lender’s worst nightmare!

Mrs. Stample, Lake County Illinois

We unfortunately got mixed up with a bunch of predatory lenders which left us financially and mentally devastated and to the point of foreclosure twice. We just could not see how anyone could do business as such and we knew deep down that there was just something wrong with what had happened to us. After almost 2 years with the foreclosure hanging over our heads, that glorious day finally came when we found Distressed Property Solutions Network and Attorney Scott Spaulding. Scott is direct, professional and knows this stuff inside and out! He has done a wonderful job for us and we are just now getting started. We recommend him to anyone involved in this mess.

The Kuiper Family

To Whom It May Concern, My wife and I are very grateful for all the work on our case file over the past 23 months. I did some research and saw that there were a lot of fraudulent activities in this area by unscrupulous people making a quick buck off people in distress. You guys were very professional and it’s good to know that honest people are still here helping folks. I highly recommend the Distressed Property Solutions Network to anyone who is facing or are in a foreclosure situation. Please use my testimonial on your web page if you want.

William T, Waukegan, IL.

Distressed Property Solutions Network was referred to me from a family friend who did a lot of research for us since we are up in years and this is a little over our heads. The young lady we worked with was very informative and broke it down in simple terms for us to understand. We have little money, but every dollar was worth the peace of mind that we get to keep our home now. Thank you very much for all your help.

R. Johnson, Chicago, IL


Jim & Kathy, Park Ridge, Illinois

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