The Lock Squared Program

50 + Years Experience

Real Estate
Agents - Brokers
Property Appraisal

Real Estate Dept.

100 + Years Experience

Real Estate Both Short Sale & Traditional, Foreclosure Defense, Bankruptcy and Tax

Real Estate Dept.

45 + Years Experience

Rebuild, Rescore, Repair, Tax Professionals, Debt Settlement

Real Estate Dept.

60 + Years Experience

Mortgage – Workout Plans
Conventional, FHA, VA Origination, Modification, Lender Processing

Real Estate Dept.

Benefits to Homeowers

Financial:  $0 fees or costs for  the seller.  We have negotiated relocation incentives from $0 – $34,000 and we can work with your lender(s) trying to do the same for you.

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Experience: What is a short sale “team”? – You now have an entire network of professionals in one place working as your team that can access your lender, attorneys, tax experts, strategists, mortgage – workout specialists, bankruptcy only as a last resort.

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Trust: Speak personally to one of several references that have used the L+O=C² Program™ personally and were so excited they offered to speak to people wondering about the program and it’s benefits.

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Support: We encourage you to ask questions, by getting your questions answered, you have less stress, more energy and focus to move forward and rebuild.  Taking away the stress of a short sale is our entire focus.

Resolution: At last you can sleep at night knowing that this mess is almost over and that you have an end plan of action created for you by the DPS Network.

Benefits to Real Estate Agents

Financial:  $0 fees or costs if no closing.   The seller’s side pays for our service at the closing.  You are not paying referral fees to non-licensed agents.   You have a closed deal in record time, income from a deal that may have never closed.

TimeNo more lenders!  No more waiting on hold, no more gathering or begging for documents or signatures.  No more generating and then regenerating HUD’s.   No more follow up leading to nowhere.

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Security: You’re a Real Estate Agent, stop worrying about the legal liability of answering or tracking down the answer to debt forgiveness, settlement or negotiations.

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Focus: You can now get back to selling and listing more units.
Spend your time, money and effort on what you are great at, helping sellers and buyers achieve their goals.

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Results: You now have a legal team, processing staff, commissioned closer – with as much to lose as you, so imagine their determination to close your files.

Contact a DPS Network short sale negotiator today to get the L+O=C² Program™ working for you TODAY.