Credit Repair

It’s never too late to repair your bad credit.

Trying to fix bad credit on your own can be a nightmare.  We help you correct negative inaccurate items on your credit report.  Although we are not attorneys, Distressed Properties Solutions Network understands the credit system and our team of Credit Experts understands what to do and how to do it. Over 78% of people have errors on one or more of their Credit Reports.

We will contact the Credit Bureaus on your behalf.  The bureaus should send YOU results within 30 days. You will see all of the responses from the credit bureaus and you will see what information they have deleted, corrected, or verified.

Our First Work includes a packet of credit information mailed to you including specific Strategies and Plans for Credit Improvement for your credit reports. You will also receive periodic educational emails and our credit experts are available during normal business hours to answer all of your credit questions.

Just because credit information is reported on your credit report – it does not mean that information is accurate. It also does not mean that information is wrong either.

Under federal law, you have a right to an accurate credit report. This means, you have a right to challenge information you believe may be unverifiable, obsolete, questionable, or incomplete. You do not have the right to challenge everything and anything on your credit reports, including information you believe is 100% accurate, without regard to the laws.

Remember, YOU have a right to 100% accuracy of the information on your credit report. And there are laws which protect this right!

The credit reporting system has several laws which govern the credit reporting system.

The 2 primary laws are the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) which governs the collection activity of third party debt collectors.

View more laws pertaining to your credit rights. 

Here’s the thing….these laws provide all of the rules, guidelines, and do’s and don’t for all of the creditors and credit bureaus who are reporting information about you on your credit report. These laws also contain YOUR rights. The problem is that most consumers do not know what their rights are because they have not read these laws. (Copies of these laws – click on these links FCRAFDCPA).